Blossom Minds was founded on a simple idea :

We wanted to gather a team of skilled and delightful people to make a game aimed at digital markets. We wanted it to shine on each of its main aspects : technology, art and gameplay. Walter was born.

Back in late 2011, when we started looking for partners we met a dozen of very interested publishers. Then, the economic crisis, free-to-play, fear of new IPs, uncertainty on future business models compelled the publishers to make one step back.

The videogame industry started to turn into a monster eating his own children.

Despite these bad signals, we kept on working on Walter, confident on the quality of the game and confident that quality would attract partners.

Right after our debut trailer was released last year, we got a solid opportunity with a publisher. As a part of this deal, besides Steam, we’ve been upgrading Walter for next-generation consoles (ps4 & durango), rewriting our in-house engine and boosting graphic assets. We’ve been working and negociating for months.

A couple of weeks ago - a few days before the final deal - they decided to withdraw, due to external reasons and financial issues. This left us in a critical situation.

As of today, with most known opportunities investigated, we’re preparing to put the studio on hold if we can’t find a solution in the next few days. Walter can’t be released without a financial support for the remaining development.


Thanks everyone and each of you for reading this far and caring about us.

Please spread the word.

Your friend, Walter

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