Lyon, France, July 5th, 2011

BLOSSOM MINDS, a new French game studio, is formed.

Veterans and high-profile game developers have founded a new independent game studio, Blossom Minds.

The company's aim is to create original and quality content for the digital distribution market.

After their contribution work for major developers and publishers for the past 13 years (latterly at Eden Games),

10 creators have decided to join forces on exciting new projects.

Blossom Minds is built on strong gameplay values, graphical skills and in-house state of the art technology, making smaller games but with big production polish.

Their expertise and knowledge in the industry will help deliver innovative game experiences for demanding gamers.

"We are done with AAA titles; let us bring the OOOOOOH! instead."

Blossom Minds is hard at work on its first game, planned for a 2013* release and soon to be announced.

*Release date may slightly vary in case of end of the world

About Blossom Minds:

[Insert megalomaniac part here]

The million dollar website: www.blossom-minds.com

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